VPNHEROES – VPN Reseller & Affiliate Program

Want to make some money with VPNHeroes?

Use our VPN reseller program and earn recurring 20% from every sale!

It’s easy like 1, 2, 3. Just follow the steps bellow.



Step 1


Register  for a VPNHeroes account. For Register : Click here
Step 2
Activate your affiliate account from Affiliates tab in your Client area.
Step 3
Promote and sell our services and earn recurring 20% from each sale!

Make more money from affiliate VPN

We offer 20% recurring affiliate fee

Do you have a blog, a review site or you are just very popular person on social media? If the answer is “YES” – don’t hesitate to add an extra income from our VPN reseller program. VPNHeroes has a pretty good affiliate conditions and you can make it work for you. What does that mean? You will earn 20% of all the income the client you’ve recommended us. If he/she stays one year and even more you will get affiliate money for all that amount, not just the first month as on other VPN services. We work a lot on client’s support and they appreciate it. We have a really high rate of renewals and get a lot of good VPNHeroes so people will be happy you’ve recommended our VPN service.

You will get a unique URL

You will get money from anyone who clicks on it and order a VPN service from us. And he even don’t have to order the service in the same day. It could past a month and he would still be counted as your referral. Pay attention, you have to promote our service using your unique affiliate URL. You can find it in your Client area in the Affiliates section.

Tips to have better results from your affiliate account

Write a review or a blog post about our services


This is a good move and usually gets an instant boost of new signups. User reviews are always interesting and not only will increase your income but will bring users to your blog.

Comment on forums, review sites or blogs


Of course theme of the post has to be at least somehow related to our services. Here are some of the topics where your comments could make effect:

  • VPN service;
  • Proxy service;
  • Internet security;
  • Access to Geographically blocked content (like Hulu, BBC, Netflix, Pandora etc.);
  • Any Torrents/P2P topics;
  • Internet Anonymity and Privacy;
  • Bypass Censorship.


Promote on social networks and video sharing sites


Use Facebook, Google+ and Twitter to promote your affiliate link. You can also prepare a video with your review and share it on Youtube, Dailymotion etc. All these platforms are viral friendly and you can win a jackpot if you are doing it right. Your friends could help you spread the word. Be creative, make your post interesting so it would be interesting to read them and to click them. And if they click and order you know what’s happening – you earn more money.


Use banner ads

Use banner ads to your blog and wherever you can do that. We have specially designed efficient banners for most popular sizes. Keep in mind that graphics are sometimes best solution to keep users attention. You can use one of our banners:

Choose banner’s size by clicking on one of the links above. Copy the HTML code of the banner below, correct your affiliate link and paste it in the HTML code of your website.

Important! Replace “Your VPNHeroes Affiliate Link” with your unique referral link. This way everyone clicks the banner clicks on your affiliate link. You can find it in the Affiliates tab from our Client Area. To get a unique referral link you should first register.
Change your signature


You can change your signature in your email, forum and blog accounts, Skype or any other resource that have signatures. This way, all your messages will promote your affiliate link and increase your income. Here are some signatures you can use, or you can create your own ones:


  • Watch Hulu from all over the world – [your affiliate link].
  • Download torrents safely – [your affiliate link].
  • Online anonymity is a must these days – [your affiliate link].
    If you have any question regarding our affiliate program don’t hesitate to contact us.

VPNHeroes – VPN Reseller & Affiliate Program

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